Posted on: 18 August, 2019

Author: manoj upadhyay

This article content will help you if you are coming to India. Author has given best tips to on solo backpacking for your entire trip. Whether you are an Indian or a foreigner, you have to abide by a few rules for yourself to stay sane and healthy throughout your vacation. These tips are there to read for the first time visitors in the country since they are not aware of the local customs and infamous practices. Water is important: It is crucial for you to drink sterilized water at all times, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. You can either buy a steripen that would purify water for you even if it comes from an open vessel; it is an eco-friendly way to drink safe water. You can also choose the bottled water whenever you are outside or inside your hotel. Be patient: Everything in India is quite opposite to that in the western countries. Don’t be too much obsessed with time; a few minutes here and there do not harm anyone in the country unless you have an important meeting to attend. Travel agents: In the world of internet, you don’t really need travel agents to make your bookings for hotels in Mumbai, cabs in Chennai, or best Self-Drive Car Rental in Delhi. However, you may not understand the terminology of Indian Railways, though you may do after a bit of effort. In case you don’t understand something, you can take help from registered or even unregistered travel agents. The downside of travel agents is that many of them are crooks who may take money from you without booking anything. Therefore, it is better to be vigilant and take receipts at all times to avoid losing your money. Book a pickup: If you have booked your hotel, you can ask them to arrange for your pickup. The hotel will pay whatever they want to the cab driver and you can pay only the tip if you want. It saves you from the unnecessary hassle to find transportation outside the airport or railway station. Push people away: The auto-rickshaw drivers or manual rickshaw pullers may become extremely assertive to a foreigner. You may feel extremely annoyed with the behavior of these people who do not respect privacy. You can escape this mess by either walking away or be bold and speak loudly that you do not want their services. You can also behave diplomatically and say that you are waiting for your driver or brother; no one will disturb you after that. Check the room: Even if you have booked your room, you can ask at the reception to show it to you before you put your bags there. If you don’t like the room, you can ask for another one. If there are no windows, for example, you can ask for a discount as well. Hot water: Many budget hotels provide you with individual geysers in each bathroom. You can switch it on 30 minutes prior to taking a bath and then turn it off. In large hotel chains, you can simply use the noted faucet or shower for hot water.   Luggage room: The best part about Indian Railways is that they allow you to store your luggage for a minimal rent. You just need to show your train ticket and pay the rent for your luggage. You can store the bags for a week or a month, depending on the policies of each railway station. Make sure that you do not leave any perishable item in your bags. Secure each bag properly or the staff may not accept them. It is fun to go for solo backpacking trips in India, regardless the country you come from. You must do it once in your lifetime.     Source: Free Articles from Hello readers..!! I am a fanatical travel blogger, who loves travel, thinks of travel & writes about travel every time. I am at writing fun-to-read blogs, which educates and excites the readers.