Posted on: 26 January, 2020

Author: Deep Bhong

Issuing a Japanese tourist visa for Indians will let the individuals appreciate the art of another prolific nation. Whenever you are planning a trip abroad as a tourist, there are certain formalities that you need to follow.   A nation which signifies history and culture is like no other. The house of the rising sun, Japan is a country which has blessed itself with modern architecture, apart from and ahead of the rest of the world, it came a long way from the imperial times to Japan we know and see today. Just an ample of words are not enough to describe the importance of this country to humanity. It is blessed with beautiful nature, beaches and hills. To see, experience and feel the deep culture of Japan you need a Japan tourist visa, due to its good ties and cooperation between Japan and India, the process is made simplified over the years.   Japan has a lot to offer to tourists, bullet trains, skyscrapers, scientific milestones illustrated and delightful public infrastructure. One cant simply shut its eyes when in Japan, we all have heard amazing experiences coming from people who went to Japan sometime in their lives.    You will need a Japan tourist visa when you want to travel and japan visit visa as a tourist for a few days or weeks, it is solely for the purpose which the name suggests. You can go to all the ‘permitted’ places protecting the state’s sovereignty. You can tour throughout the Japanese islands with a tourist visa for Japan. You cannot take place in business or employment activities with a tourist visa. Due to the cooperative visa process, a lot of Indians go to Japan and vice versa. Japanese people have always been friends of Indian people.     You can simply look for a visa consultant to simplify the procedure or follow the original online application process, it is as follows,   Obtain required information Take a photograph Download the Application Form and Checklist from their official website Prepare supporting documents Submit your Application At Japan Visa Application Centre: Collect your Passport Visit the website for tracking the progress    If you want to stay far from this procedure and still make it to Japan, you can contact travel agencies which will provide you with quality visa consultants and your tour will be a hassle-free one. Source: Free Articles from We are an expert visa consultant in India focusing on providing quick and easy services to all your travelling needs. Be it a visa, travel insurance, flight ticketing, or whatever it is, we cover it all. BTW is a top visa company in India and with a team of accomplished visa experts, we render hassle-free offline and online visa services India amongst others. With our branches in Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, and Ahmedabad serving thousands of customers, we have earned a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy. We are among the few visa agency in India that provide consultation for over 200 countries and for various types of visas including tourist, business, work, study, and others. Our specialty lies in being a top UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and Schengen visa agent India.